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Dewey Owens Donation

After first mastering his performance techniques of the organ, Dewey Owens didn’t learn to play the harp until he was thirty years old. When Owens told Carlos Salzedo of his interest in harp, Salzedo replied: “We haven’t a moment to waste!” and sent him immediately to study with Lucile Lawrence, whome he studied with until her death. After years of mastering, teaching and writing for the harp in New York City, Dewey became a harp instructor at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and maintained a private studio there for thirty years. He has created a large library of solo and ensemble music for the harp a virtually every level of ability.

Adapted from: Ray Pool. “Dewey Owens: May 3, 1925-October 3, 2006” American Harp Journal 20 (Winter 2006): 21.