International Harp Archives

Accessing the Archives

The International Harp Archives are divided primarily into two sections: Special Collections and the general stacks.  Based upon your individual needs, we recommend these three tools to identify items in the Archives:

The Harold B. Lee Online Catalog
For the general user

The online catalog represents the best and initial way to explore our collections: it contains records of nearly all of our printed music and books on the harp found in Special Collections and our general stacks.

To access: Harold B. Lee Library Online Catalog

  1. In the ‘Unique Collections at BYU’ box, click on ‘Library Catalog.’
  2. To limit your search to the Music and Dance Library specifically, which houses the Archives, click ‘Advanced Keyword Search.’
  3. In the ‘Library’ drop-down menu, select ‘Music and Dance.’

Harp Music of the 18th and 19th Centuries Wiki and  Database

Public Domain Harp Music

In an effort to make early harp music available to the community, the International Harp Archives is digitizing much of its pre-1923 harp music, where it can be downloaded free of cost.  These scores are made available through the Wiki and the International Harp Archives Database (accessible through the ‘Search Database’ tab).

Items on the Wiki are listed by composer and provide basic information while Database items can be searched by keyword, composer, year, dedicatee, etc. Database records contain a full MARC record, including the item’s call number in our library, which is useful if patrons require higher-quality scans of an item or wish to examine it in person.

To access the Wiki: Harp Music of the 18th and 19th Centuries

Finding Aids
Personal papers, documents, correspondence, and photos

For researchers interested in primary sources, manuscripts, and important historical documents relating to the harp, we recommend our list of finding aids found below.  These lists itemize contents not found in our general library collections.

American Harp Society Lending Library
For AHS membership only

Because the AHS Lending Library is a service only available to AHS members, the Lending Library contents are not listed in the main library catalog.  For more information on this aspect of the Archives, please click the AHS Lending Library tab.

Requesting Reproductions:

If you cannot view the item in person or would like copies for research, you may request a reproduction.  The Archives offer full-color, 400 dpi-resolution scans on 4 GB DVD discs at the following rate:

For requests under 10 images:

  • $10.00 minimum fee

For requests over 10 images:

  • $10.00 minimum fee + $1.00 for each additional image

Shipping & Handling:

  • Within the US: $1.00 per disc
  • Internationally: $3.00 per disc

Credit card is the preferred method of payment; however, the Archives can accept personal checks if necessary.


Finding Aids:

Alberto Salvi Audio Recordings (Donated by Victor Salvi)

Alfred Kastner Library and Papers (Donated by Stella Castelucci)

Carlos Salzedo (Donated by Dewey Owens)

Dale Barco

Dorothy Remsen

Elizabeth Huntley

Elizabeth Papalia

Esther Herlitz

Helen Ellis

Henriette Renié

Lucy Scandrett

Mildred Dilling

Roslyn Rensch

Rosalie R. Pratt

Samuel O. and Rosalie R. Pratt


Sylvia Meyer

Sylvia Meyer Audio Recordings

Sylvia Meyer Scores

Victor Salvi

Online Photographs:

The previous IHA website featured a small gallery of photographs scanned from our collections.  We are currently researching the best way to display that gallery on our new website, so for the time being we are providing a link to the old website gallery:

Thank you for your patience!