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Lily Laskine Donation

Lily Laskine started studying the harp at the Conservatoire de Paris when she was eight years old. Her parent were zealous at attending orchestra concerts in Paris, and strongly supported the musical ambitions of Lily. She studied under Alphonse Hasselmons for years, and at age 14 she even began to teach lessons to others and begin her career as a soloist. She was the first female to join the Opera Orchestra in Paris, and later became solo harpist of nuerous orchestras, including Orchestre Lamoureux and Orchestre Koussevitzky. In 1980 Lily won the Grand Prix du Film Musical and was awarded many decorations from the French government.

Adapted from: Marielle Nordmann. “Lily Laskine” American Harp Journal 10 (Winter 1985): 3.