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Mildred Dilling Donation

According to the American Harp Journal, Mildred Dilling “swept onto the bare stage in concert halls around the country and around the world with a singular mission: to bring a love of the harp and its music to everyone.” Mildred Dilling held her own regular CBS radio show and later appeared on television. She focused on the educational aspect of her performing, teaching her students enthusiastically about technique, and often told amusing anecdotes to help encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for the harp and its music. In addition to all of her performances in concert halls and orchestras, she became the world’s foremost collector of harps. She acquired over 140 from around the world.

For a brief period after world war II, Miss Dilling was married to Clinton Parker, a distinguished banker. Unfortunately he died soon after the war ended, but Mrs. Dilling celebrated their anniversary until her own death nearly 30 years later. Mildred Dilling’s private papers can be found in the American Harp Society collection at Brigham Young University.

Adapted from: Cynthia Young. “ Mildred Dilling (1894-1982): 20th Century Diva” American Harp Journal 18 (Winter 2001): 31-32.