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Pierre Jamet Donation

After a youth of preparation, Pierre Jamet began his career as a soloist for the Concerts Lamoureux et Colonne in Paris. Pierre was the first soloist in the Grand Opera and for many years he was the professor harp at the Paris Conservatoire. Pierre Jamet taught with “youthful exuberance and agility”, even in his old age. He was personally acquainted with Debussy, and played his Danses with Debussy himself in concert. Pierre and some of his colleagues were inspired by the sound combination in Sonate pour Flute, alto, et harpe by Debussy, and consequently decided to become a quintet, the “Quintette Pierre Jamet”. Jamet was known for his techniques on harp, such as “singing of the harp”, “Legato”, and the “great curve of phrasing.” He stated that he wanted the harp to sound more fluid, like that of a violin.

Adapted from: Lentrodt, Ursula. “ A Conversation with Pierre Jamet” American Harp Journal 11 (no.3): p.28