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Stanley Chaloupka Donation

Born in California, Stanley Chaloupka started playing the harp as a child, studying with San Francisco Symphony harpist Kajetan Attl. Mr. Chaloupka began to freelance in Los Angeles when he moved there in 1941. He was invited to join the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 1943, and played with them until his retirement in 1983. He met and married Paula Schertzinger while playing in the symphony, where she continued to play second harp with him for thirty-five years.

Stanley Chaloupka wrote arrangements and transcriptions, as well as a book on how to write for the harp, entitled Harp Scoring. His harp has been donated to the American Harp Society Archives at Brigham Young University, where it is used in the archives by visiting harpists.

Adapted from: E. Huntley. “In memorium: Stanley Chaloupka, February 12, 1922-June 14, 2002” American Harp Journal18 (Winter 2002): 41.